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Hunted (River Den Omegas 3) by Claire Cullen

Genre Gay / Paranormal / MPreg / Shifters / Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 14-January-2020

Book Blurb

Having long ago resigned himself to a life without love, Jensen sees a glimmer of hope when an injured omega arrives at River Den. It’s obvious to everyone, Jensen included, that he and Liam have a connection. Liam needs to heal, physically and mentally. Good thing Jensen’s a doctor.

Liam doesn’t know what to make of the den. It’s like nowhere he’s ever been. And Jensen is like no alpha he’s ever met. He starts to feel like he’s found a place he belongs along with a passion for matchmaking and for a certain alpha. But when the truth about his past is revealed, it drags Jensen’s own past to the surface, threatening to separate them. Liam knows Jensen will fight for him. Can Liam be brave and fight for their love?

Joe has almost convinced himself he’s over Axel when the alpha comes back into his life and vows he’s not leaving. It takes time for both of them to trust their own feelings, especially with Axel’s family determined to keep them apart. Can Axel convince Joe that their love is strong enough to overcome the obstacles? Even when the unthinkable happens and they seemed destined to be apart?

Book Review

A badly abused omega almost broken mentally along with physically, and a gentle alpha are at the heart of this third book in the ‘River Den Omegas’ series. In this world shifters have lost the ability to shift and they’re more like humans than the animals they possess. Packs still exist but so many rules have been implemented for such a long time – no mating outside their species, no mating with humans, limited to no contact outside their packs, etc. – that the animals inside are stifled within. The shifters are very close to becoming myth and legend, and they’re dying out. Until Cade showed Hunter what the dens are and what the packs are missing in their book, ‘Chosen’. The dens are made up of omegas and families, primarily, with a few alphas and some betas, and they’re safe havens; a place where all shifters, especially omegas, are cherished and protected for the gift they are. Omegas have a unique ability to see the strings tying mates together and the River Den omegas have created a matchmaking business that they use to help both humans and shifters, a business that has been very successful for over two decades. It is omegas mating with their true mate that can revive the shifters’ ability to transform and can bring life back to the packs. If only the packs will listen.

Jensen is a lion alpha and the doctor at River Den, beloved by all, but lonely for his own mate and family. He was kicked out of his pack at the age of sixteen after his uncle killed his father and blamed Jensen for it. A little too Lion King but since the author joked about that as well, I gave her a pass. Jensen has been at the den for ten years and it’s not until he finds Liam, half-dead on the riverbank, that he has been in the presence of another lion. It’s a good thing that Jensen is a gentle and compassionate alpha because Liam is in pretty bad shape, not just physically, and it takes patience and time before Liam can begin to understand his own worth.

Liam was born a slave in Jensen’s old pack and has lived a life of misery and abuse. Constantly being denigrated and made to feel stupid hasn’t left him with any amount of self-confidence or feelings of self-worth. Being forced to “mate” with an alpha whom Liam despised and his body refused to accept the mating mark from, led to Liam escaping after being violently attacked. Somehow he ended up near River Den and was rescued by Jensen. Everything about the alpha, the den, and the other omegas confuses Liam because he isn’t used to being treated as if he matters. It takes a while for Liam to begin to believe that not only is he safe, but he’s wanted and valued for who he is.

Now, had the author stuck only with Jensen and Liam’s love story then this would have been wonderful. However, she did something that I’m not a huge fan of, and that was to add another side story involving a different couple, Joe and Axel. Joe is a beta who is the midwife at the den having been kicked out of his pack and Axel is cousin to Hunter and Seth. Axel’s father is very much mired in the old ways, refusing to accept Axel and Joe’s mating and kicking Axel to the curb. Their drama and love story was interspersed throughout this book and even though their story was a good one, I felt it detracted from Jensen and Liam, leaving me to feel as if I got slighted on both pairings. I’m sure that this is just my opinion but I hope the author doesn’t choose to do this again in any of the future installments.

I am still enjoying this worldbuild and even though ‘Hunted’ didn’t completely work for me, I am going to anticipate reading the next books in the series. It is always a joy to be back in the den and visiting with favorite characters.





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