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Honeymoon Refrain (The Boys of Bliss 1) by Harley Grace

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Ro on 11-September-2020

Book Blurb

When his fiancé leaves him at the altar, Andrew Wellman runs straight to Bliss.

After spending the last year of his life busting his butt on the new resort off the south coast of Florida, all Andrew has to do is stick the landing—a gorgeous wedding and a honeymoon to blow the socks—and everything else—off his groom-to-be. But when he finds his fiancé buried deep not in wedding preparations but in his best friend, Andrew calls the whole thing off and cashes in that plane ticket for a solo honeymoon.


Rock star Cord Fabien’s whole life blew apart when his band broke up.

Now, he owes his label a solo album, but all he wants to do at the new gay resort run by the mysterious billionaire Adrien Blissand is hide from the paparazzi and lick his wounds. But when one sad interior designer catches his eye, Cord finds the inspiration to make beautiful music again.


Two men, completely adrift, find in each other the strength to pursue their passions. But Bliss can’t last forever, and the lives they’ve left behind are waiting to shatter a romance that bloomed in paradise.


Book Review

Andrew is an interior designer who has been nearly single-handedly responsible for the design of an amazing island resort, Bliss. While he has been working himself hard to get Bliss finished perfectly and put himself in line for a promotion, his fiancé, Thom, has been sleeping with Andrew’s best friend, Ian. I always have trouble with cheating in my books and this one is particularly disgusting because the person Andrew would turn to for comfort, his bestie, is part of the betrayal. How devastating. When Andrew’s sister, Penny, convinces him to go on the honeymoon alone it doesn’t take too much convincing since they were headed to Bliss. “Nevertheless, knowing a place like this existed was another piece of proof that there was space in the world for me, even on an island built for romance. After all, a honeymoon without the honey was just a vacation – a perfectly acceptable, not-at-all sad, vacation.” Andrew goes into the honeymoon-that-isn’t with an outlook to put Thom behind him.


I have to say, at no point during the book does Thom sound like a decent guy, let alone one worthy of Andrew. I was more disappointed in Ian (who I feel got off way too easy with Andrew) than the actual fiancé. Go figure. “Since I’d found him and Thom, he’d texted me more than a dozen times, even tried to call a few.” It was bothering me that Andrew kept blaming himself for what happened. “Yes, it absolutely sucked. But if I’d been more attentive, more available to both of them, this never would’ve happened.” No, sweetheart, none of this is on you. Luckily, Joe (Cord) Jones, the musician playing in the resort, emphasizes this for Andrew.


Andrew and Cord click right away and Cord makes it his mission to make Andrew smile. “But all of the sudden, my whole trip was unfolding in front of me – not the mope fest of the twenty-four hours before I met Cord, but a chance to do all the fun things I’d hoped for, enjoy this incredible place I’d helped build, all with someone who stuck around until morning and kissed me on the way out.”


The owner of the resort, Adrien Blissand, throws the two of them together more than once, designing a music venue and even dinner, because he is a romantic. I hope at some point Adrien’s story comes out because he seems a little sad. Kind, sweet, and sad.


There is drama in the form of a secret Cord has been keeping and the outreach of that. It isn’t a huge deal and Andrew deals with it all with aplomb. Some things seemed like they would be a big moment and then ended up splashing harmlessly. A visit from an ex of Cord’s, a call from Jessica, and an offer all seemed to have potential but then were easily settled.


Speaking of Cord’s ex, “You blocked my number. Fired our agent. Moved out of the house in Austin and had your lawyer send a demand that I pay you for your half of it” and then has the audacity to be surprised that Cord believes things are over. Hello, real world!


The way Andrew makes excuses for what Ian did got to me. Even when he was done blaming himself for all of it, the idea that “you weren’t there and there was wine” really got me. Nope.


There is definitely insta-love here, at times I worried about a rebound fling. But as Andrew really looks at his life with Thom, he can see that he wasn’t treated as he should be (and Thom seriously is a narcissistic jerk!). Cord is completely different than that and treats him well, even if their relationship really goes quickly.


This is a sweet, angst-free first of a series. I would love to see Adrien get a story, as well as Jase. I suppose Ian needs one too but since I’m annoyed with him, I’m not sure how that will work out. Andrew and Cord both see the value in changing things up and that makes them ideal for each other.





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Format ebook
Length Novel
Heat Level
Publication Date 27-August-2020
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