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Harley's Heart (Special Operations 4) by Stormy Glenn at Siren Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Military/Former Military / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 13-February-2017

Book Blurb

After being rescued from ten months spent in hell, all Harlan Thomas wants to do is go home to the one man whose memory kept him alive. Trouble is, Miko is not where Harley left him.

Mitsuaki Thomas was heartbroken when his husband didn’t come home from a mission. He didn’t give up when the letters stopped or even when his mother-in-law had a funeral for Harley. But when he’s forced out of his home, Miko finally admits that maybe Harley is gone. Still, he wants to continue the dreams they had discussed, no matter how impossible they might be.

When Harley shows up on his doorstep, Miko is shocked to learn that he’s alive. Miko just doesn’t know if the life he created will be enough to keep the man home and happy.

When trouble starts, Harley and Miko have to put aside their differences and learn to work as a team or the people bent on keeping them apart permanently just might get their wish. With the help of some friends, they just might have the chance to keep their little family together.

Book Review

It’s been far too log since I read the previous book in the ‘Special Operations’ series, and I was happy to finally return to it – especially since this is the long-awaited-by-me story about Harley. Harley is the commander of the men I met in the first three books, and his having vanished was a mystery to all of them. Finding out what actually happened was great, but so was watching Harley regain his husband’s trust, fight another big battle - against the person trying to keep them apart, and seeing both men figure out how to stay together for good this time.

Harley had trouble finding Miko after finally getting away from the drug lord who captured and tortured him, and he has barely found his husband and acquainted himself with their baby son, Kai, when trouble starts again. This time it comes from a somewhat unexpected source and Harley has his hands full trying to protect Miko and Kai. Action-packed and suspenseful, the threat just never seems to stop.

Miko has had a very hard time after Harley disappeared. He has been pushed out of the condo he shared with Harley, has managed to start a career as a successful artist, and convinced his sister to be the surrogate for Harley’s and his son. When Harley finally turns up – against all expectations – Miko is ecstatic. But his happiness is soon replaced with the need to survive ever-increasing attacks against him and Kai.

If you like the ‘Special Operations’ series with its stories about former Marines and the men they fall in love with, if you enjoy unexpected reunions, and if you're looking for a suspenseful read, some twists and turns, and very hot man-on-man action, then you will probably like this novella.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 141 pages/41837 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 12-March-2013
Price $5.50 ebook
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