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Happily Ever After: A Russian Bear II by C.B. Conwy

Genre Gay / Contemporary / BDSM / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 08-March-2018

Book Blurb

Mischa isn't stupid; he knows that happily ever afters only happen in fairytales. Still, he had thought that as soon as Tom got over the horrible assault that almost tore them apart, everything would be better. Perhaps not fairytale happy right away, but better. Instead, they seem to be falling apart, and quite spectacularly so.

What Mischa hadn't taken into account was the fact that violence have longtime consequences - consequences that are threatening to shake the very foundation of Tom and Mischa's relationship. Because Mischa can handle Tom's weakness, but he can't face his own. He doesn't have a choice, though. Not if they're going to make it. 

As Mischa and Tom struggle to rebuild their relationship, it turns out that happily ever after is damn hard work. It's also wildly kinky, because Tom and Mischa have to build a new trust in the playroom as well. One scene at a time, Mischa and Tom explore their new limits, and that's the kind of work that Mischa likes. After all, that's what badass Doms do.

First Edition published as 'Happily Ever After (Russian Bear 4)' at Torquere Press, September 2012.

Book Review

What happens when a sub and his Dom lose their way? When external factors intrude on the trust they have built and make the way they relate to each other difficult or impossible? Tom and Mischa find out in this fourth book of the 'Russian Bear' series, and let me tell you, it is a tough stretch for them. Luckily, they still relate to each other as lovers, so they have something to fall back on, otherwise I would not have been willing to bet on the outcome.

Tom has had a hard time overcoming the assault he suffered (in book one), and thought he was pretty much over it. Physically, that may be true, but this book is about dealing with the mental and emotional consequences. While Tom is ready to return to their BDSM relationship (centered on pain and "coercion play" for him), Mischa turns out to have a different opinion. He cannot seem to deal with giving Tom the pain he craves, and it gets to the point where Tom is trying to tell Mischa what to do in a scene, trying to make him do what Tom wants. Of course, that will never work since it turns the BDSM part of their relationship on its head, but it shows how desperate Tom is getting. Add to that the fact that Tom is about to graduate and is afraid he'll have to leave Mischa for either a job or the PhD he wants, and it's clear why Tom is so messed up.

Mischa is finding that he has a weakness he never would have suspected to be a problem. Yes, the fact that Tom got hurt physically and was in such horrible pain for weeks makes him more hesitant to give Tom more pain (even though it is a different type). But what turns out to be the real issue is that the lover in him refuses to hurt Tom, while the sadistic Dom in him still craves their scenes as much as Tom does. As soon as that is clear (and it takes them a while to get there), the true work can begin.

And let me tell you, it takes a long time, and is hard work. Once scene is kinkier than the next, and I was fascinated by some of the proverbial light bulbs that came on as they each learned to understand themselves and their relationship better.  And the ending is just perfect as far as I am concerned!

If you like Mischa and Tom from the 'Russian bear' series, if you enjoy reading about subs and Doms who have lost their way and need to figure out how to get back what they used to have, and if you're looking for a deliciously kinky read with some unusual scenes and deeply emotional revelations, then you will probably like this novel.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 230 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 16-September-2017
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