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Geek Tattoo by R. Cayden

Genre Gay / Bisexual / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by nakin1978 on 21-October-2020

Book Blurb

The relationship is fake, so why does his kiss feel so real?

Stone is straight. That’s the first reason he can’t be my boyfriend.

Straight tattoo artists with dark histories and sad eyes just aren’t meant for geeky guys like me.
Even if he does have killer cheekbones…

But when our lives get thrown together one day at the park, he proposes something surprising.

Stone needs a fake relationship to get him out of trouble, and I might be the perfect guy to help.

The only problem is I don’t understand why a fake, straight boyfriend feels so good to cuddle up close to.

And I can’t figure out why a man who scares me to death can also make me feel so safe.

Stone marks me forever with his ink, but am I strong enough to make him truly mine?

Book Review

This was such an incredible read! I could not put this book down once I started it. This is one of those books that just gives you all the feels while you are reading it.


Matty has always known loneliness. Growing up he was bullied in school for being geeky and gay. At home he was a disappointment for those same reasons. So loneliness was his friend until he moved and started his own makeshift family with a group of friends who have his back and he has theirs.


When Matty’s cat passes away, all of his friends get together and help him have a memorial for her at her favorite place in the park. But unfortunately at the same time as the memorial, a group of people from Blade’s Tattoo decide to show up and have a barbecue at the same time and end up almost messing the memorial up. But Matty is determined to not let that happen. He is going to send his first best friend off in style if it kills him.


Stone is an apprentice at Blade Tattoo. Though he does not like his boss, Jeremiah, at all, he bites his tongue and deals with it since this is his dream job at his dream studio. Jeremiah is not the owner but he is the owner’s nephew, so Stone knows not to engage or end up on his butt. When Jeremiah decides that the whole shop needs to go to the park for a barbecue, even though no one wants to go, everyone does.


Almost immediately Stone realizes that they are interrupting something important with the other group that is there and decides to apologize for it. This is how he meets Matty for the first time.


Not long after the meeting, Stone and everyone is once again at the shop when Jeremiah starts in on gay people and tries to bring Stone into the mix of it. Without really thinking about it and even though he is straight, Stone takes the bait and exclaims that he is gay and has a boyfriend. This backfires when the owner walks in and squashes the argument but proceeds to tell Stone he expects to see his boyfriend at the convention that is coming up. 


When Stone sees Matty outside the studio not long after all this happens, he approaches him. After some talking, they come to a mutually beneficial plan and decide to become fake boyfriends. Matty will attend the conference with Stone and Stone will go on two dates with Matty and his friends to hopefully gain the attention of the man that Matty is in love with. Or thinks he is.


What happens when two men who are fake boyfriends start to not feel fake? What happens when one of those men is straight? Can these two make it work for real? And what about the jerk of a boss?


All that and way more comes to light in this read! This was an incredible book. I loved every minute of it. Stone and Matty may be complete opposites but they are perfect for each other. I look forward to more books like this in the future!





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 203 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 09-October-2020
Price $0.99 ebook, $11.99 paperback
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