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Frank at Heart (Foothills Pride 6) by Pat Henshaw at JMS Books

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 21-September-2020

Book Blurb

Everything about thirty-five-year-old Stone Acres hardware store owner Frank McCord is old-fashioned -- from his bow tie and overalls to the way he happily makes house calls. He dreams of lasting romance, true love, and marriage.

Frank’s ancestors have run the store and been mainstays in the small California town for over a century. While genial Frank upholds tradition and earns the respect of friends and neighbors, he fears he’s too dull and old to attract a husband. Maybe it’s time to break out of his mold.

Then handsome thirty-six-year-old electronic games designer Christopher Darling and his fifteen-year-old son, Henry, come into his life. Christopher has everything Frank could want in a potential partner: charm, kindness, and compatibility. Also, he’s a terrific father to Henry.

When their Stone Acres home turns out to be uninhabitable, Frank offers the Darlings temporary lodging in his ancestral farmhouse, where he and his tenant Emil reside. Since Emil thinks Frank is his, sparks fly.

Suddenly, Frank’s monotonous life promises to explode with love and change him forever.



First edition published by Dreamspinner Press, May 2017.


Book Review

I was concerned that the author might have been done with her 'Foothills Pride' series, so I was very happy when I realized 'Frank at Heart' was going to release. It's always a joy to return to Stone Acres and all of the characters I've come to adore.

Frank is exactly the geeky nerd, that I, personally, have always fallen for. He's resigned himself, however, to never finding a true partner and love. The town just views him as boring old Frank, whose family has run the hardware store for the past one hundred years. Frank has never had a date, much less come out to the town, and drives an hour away for sex with a stranger when he needs it.

"The man who stared back at me was old and worn out. He’d spent his life trying to live up to what everyone in his family and his town wanted of him. And what did he get in return? He got solitary confinement, with people who he thought of as friends taking advantage of him. He was a joke, a confirmed bachelor with no one in his life to love."

I could totally empathize with Christopher when Frank and Abe, local construction guru, let him know that the beautiful home he's bought has been made seriously inhabitable by the previous tenants, and Henry could have been killed. Christopher is very shaken up and Frank is happy to offer his guest room for the night as everything else is booked solid. Christopher and his son haven't had an easy time of things lately and the house seems to be the last straw for Christopher's peace of mind.

Frank and Christopher really make a connection from the moment they meet. The fact that Frank is awed by Henry, a fifteen-year-old genius heading into his senior year of high school, certainly doesn't hurt the attraction the two men have. Christopher and Henry seem to be the catalyst Frank has needed all of his life to throw out the old and embrace the new. Unfortunately, Emil doesn't see this as a good thing, and disaster follows causing Frank significant heartache.

Another delightful addition to the series, made even better because I wasn't expecting it. Frank and Christopher needed each other and the happily ever after they worked hard for. Thank you, Pat!





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Publication Date 19-September-2020
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