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Dragon Soldier (Supernatural Consultant 5) by Mell Eight at NineStar Press

Genre Gay / Urban Fantasy / Magic / Mythological Creatures / Shifters / New Adult / Romance / Action/Adventure
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 21-September-2020

Book Blurb

The aftermath of the last battle has left Nickel weak in bed and grounded for the next decade. Despite being in trouble, Nickel wants to return to the battle against the enemy as soon as he can, but thoughts of Platinum, the dragon helping to nurse him back to health, keep distracting him.


Platinum can’t believe how much his life has changed. He went from being a lonely fugitive on the run to part of a family in only hours. The last few days have been his happiest, especially now that he’s met Nickel. He knows it’s only temporary, though. The enemy that kept him captive for most of his life isn’t finished with him yet, but even Platinum and Nickel’s combined powers might not be enough to save them all.



First edition published by Less Than Three Press, March 2017.


Book Review

A direct continuation of the previous book, this second story about Nickel and Platinum is even more action-packed and full of revelations than the first part. They start out as “brothers in arms” fighting the evil scientists, but there is also a slowly blooming romance between them which is very sweet. Not that they have much time to follow their instincts at first – making sure those who want to use dragons to experiment on are stopped comes first.

Nickel has had to learn a hard lesson. He charged forward alone to try to capture the scientists who had tortured Platinum for so long, but ended up severely wounded and in a coma instead of achieving his objective. He starts out “grounded” and cut off from his favorite kind of candy (a “reward” that seems to work on all dragons), but the reflection and growth he goes through certainly does him some good. His fight is still tough, but he is now a little more grown-up about his approach.

Platinum still can’t believe that he escaped the bad guys and has found a home. Mercury and Dane have taken him in, made him a member of their family, and ensure that he catches up on all the education he missed while being tortured for years. Meeting Nickel is an added bonus, but the fight continues, and Platinum still has a huge struggle ahead of him.

Both Nickel and Platinum face recovery from past wounds and they discover it is easier to go through something like that together. Watching their attraction blossom into love was very sweet, and the danger and adventure always lurking in the background with these guys added some great tension to the story. Their final fight with the evil head scientist is epic! And adding the various antics of all the younger dragon kits made a lot of this book highly entertaining.

If you like the dragonshifters and their magic in this series, if you want to see two young men find their place in the world while realizing they’re falling in love, and if you’re looking for a read full of action, adventure, battles, discoveries, and hope, then you will probably like this novella. I hope there will be more longer books in this series, but am looking forward to the upcoming two shorter stories as well.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 30900 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 21-September-2020
Price $3.99 ebook
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