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Creative Process by Jodi Payne at Tygerseye Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Artists/Actors/Musicians/Authors / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 21-November-2019

Book Blurb

Best-selling thriller author Reese Kelsey knows his career isn’t conducive to romance. He doesn’t work the normal nine-to-five, and sometimes his characters take hold and demand all his attention, causing him to neglect important appointments… and lovers. Rather than go through another heartbreak, Reese contents himself with his small circle of friends—fellow gay New York City artists—and his dedicated publicist, Chad. 

Until Reese sees Owen Mercado lugging his cello toward the subway and impulsively offers him a ride. 

Owen has worked long and hard for a career in the symphony, and success comes with a demanding schedule—something Reese understands. Their desires and lifestyles are surprisingly compatible, and Reese and Owen certainly set the bedroom on fire. They’re both carrying baggage, but they fit, and it’s hard not to hope for a future that once seemed impossible. 

But when Reese’s work inevitably pulls him into its dark world and refuses to let go, Owen draws a hard line, and Reese discovers he can’t rely on good intentions alone. He will have to control the obsession that drove his other lovers away or risk losing Owen as well.

First edition published by Dreamspinner Press, September 2017.

Book Review

“The creative process is not controlled by a switch you can simply turn on or off; it's with you all the time.” ~ Alvin Ailey

Best-selling author Reese Kelsey has all but given up on having a love life because of his erratic moods and lifestyle, until he meets a musician, Owen Mercado. They both understand getting lost in their art but there are limits. You are always responsible for your actions. There's never an excuse to become so obsessed with work that you deliberately hurt someone because of it.

Generally speaking, Reese is a good guy. He's handsome, funny, considerate, intense, but, as many geniuses tend to be, he's scatterbrained. Reese would be lost without his PA, Chris, to keep him on track and reel him in when need be. When Reese gets into 'the zone' while writing his dark, bloody books, he forgets to do things like eat and sleep. This is never good, but when you have a significant other, you need to set a certain amount of yourself aside to accommodate your lover's needs. Before now, Reese has never done that, resulting in destroying his past relationships. If they are not artistic, they won't 'get the burning desire to perfect whatever project is at hand, to be afraid to retreat from their creative session in order to function in the real world. Even an artist will only understand this up to a certain point. Reese knows that his destructive behavior is what is keeping him from having a good life. Reese's greatest fear is being deserted, yet he often pushes people away before they can leave him, ensuring his solitude.

Owen is a talented young man who has worked hard for everything he's achieved. Lately, it's earning a seat in the City Orchestra that gives him a steady job, allowing him to create music freely without worrying about profit. When he meets Reese, he's instantly charmed. They are more than compatible in bed as well as out of it. Chris tries to warn Owen about Reese's retreats into himself. Owen listens but takes it with a grain of salt, that is, until he experiences one of them. Owen lets the first “snap” go but isn't as confident about his relationship with Reese after that. Owen is rattled but doesn't give up easily; he talks to Reese about his problem, hoping that will solve the issue. With an effusive apology from Reese and a promise that it will not happen again, they move forward. Everything goes well for a while but, once again, Reese descends into his dark world, shutting Owen and everyone else out. When Owen tries to check on Reese, after he's been in his office for two days, he's greeted with behavior that is worse than before. The onslaught is so vicious that Owen is speechless. Not knowing what else to do, Owen turns and runs out of the apartment. Their promising future doesn't seem so promising now.

This is a well written book, with strong characters, humor, and great sex. I liked Owen and Reese and was rooting for them to work things out. Besides the love affair, there is a message for everyone—no matter what the situation, taking it out on someone else is not acceptable. “In the heat of the moment” is not an excuse. It can and will ruin your life as well as hurt others, especially those close to you. Thanks, Jodi, for Reese and Owen and their story's important message.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 206 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 22-October-2019
Price $4.99 ebook, $12.99 paperback
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