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Couples Therapy (Bryce Can Play 2) by Travis Beaudoin at Sonder Street Books

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Multiple Partners / Erotica
Reviewed by Forgottenastronauts on 09-April-2020

Book Blurb

Bryce and Mateo have a happy, fulfilling marriage. They also have an arrangement.

Mat gets off on the attention his slutty, sexy husband earns from other men, and his job requires him to travel a few times a year.

And when Mat’s away, Bryce can play.

The day after his husband leaves him alone, Bryce makes plans to mess around with his best friend Cort and Cort's boyfriend Alec. A lovers’ quarrel threatens to derail Bryce’s night of guy-on-guy-on-guy fun, but he has faith in the healing powers of compassionate listening and fellatio.

Join Bryce for an evening of getting tipsy on expensive bourbon, reliving the past with his best buddy, bringing people together through enthusiastic oral sex, and learning--while having delightful and guilt-free fun with other guys--to appreciate his husband more than ever.

Book Review

This is the continuation of Bryce's week of playing with a different man each night while his husband is away for work. But don't worry, Mat gets off on knowing what his husband is up to.


Bryce has known Cort since college and they have a history together. Now just friends, Cort and his boyfriend Alec sometimes meet up and party with Bryce and Mat. Bryce has his night all planned, but when he arrives at his friend's house to play, the couple is not really in the mood. They've been fighting and Alec has left Cort at home alone. Sensing the tension, Bryce stays and talks with Cort about the issue, making his friendship more important than his desire.


When Alec arrives and they reconcile, there's a spark ignited between the three and suddenly, the night is only beginning...


I loved it! Travis Beaudoin writes a very hot scene, but somehow infuses it with that one sentence that takes it from just plain naughty to heart-fluttering romance.


For the romantics out there, yeah... this is a book for you, too.





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Additional Information

Format ebook
Length Short Story, 29 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 19-March-2020
Price $2.99 ebook
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