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Catch of a Lifetime by Andrew Grey at Dreamspinner Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Bob-O-Link on 08-April-2020

Book Blurb

Some moments happen once in a lifetime, and you have to catch them and hold on tight.


Arty Reynolds chased his dream to Broadway, but after his father is injured, he must return to the small fishing community where he grew up, at least until his dad is back on his feet.


Jamie Wilson fled his family farm but failed to achieve real independence. Arty is hiring for a trip on the gulf, and it’ll get Jamie one step closer to his goal.


Neither man plans to stay in Florida long-term, neither is looking for love, and they’re both blown away by the passion that sparks between them. But on a fishing boat, there’s little privacy to see where their feelings might lead. Passion builds like a storm until they reach land, where they also learn they share a common dream. The lives they both long for could line up perfectly, as long as they can weather the strain on their new romance when only one of them may get a chance at their dream.


Book Review

Andrew Grey is a most prolific author of gay-lit, and deservedly popular. BUT, here’s hoping your taste runs to peanut butter and jelly, processed white bread. That warning is not intended to demean Mr. Grey’s most current menu item: ‘Catch of a Lifetime’. Rather, it is to advise that reading this gay romance will be an investment of your time in rom-com lite – a simple tale, only barely seasoned with innuendos of sex, yet saved by the yeomanship of writing style and an assured HEA.


So, why read this novel? First, this is a moderately tense tale of two young men from different backgrounds, struggling against family strictures and distant fathers, trying to find their respective places in the world. Second, my PB&J comment notwithstanding, under that gloss, Mr. Grey has created a structure of elucidating parallelisms. Third, Mr. Grey’s use of language is especially nice: “curtained apartment windows that spilled light out onto the street, adding to the glow that was the city after dark”.

Taking up the first point, I became engaged in the ambitiously respective drives of Arty and Jamie to escape from their stifling origins, each man differently challenged by difficult fathers, who are themselves products of time and seemingly passed by the current world. The heroes’ meetings are acts of fate, as is their finding of mutual attraction, both erotic and emotional – and all the while developing some sympathetic understandings for their respective fathers.


There is also a clear parallelism, as they individually seek independence, take chances for professional success, and grow to love each other. (Arty’s trip to self-hood incidentally allows him to confront a classically villainous capitalist foe, and so become a local hero.) Arty and Jamie’s well-noted growing intimacy is initiated while sharing a struggle against the sea, and can be further viewed as a mirror for their struggles. 


Finally, a salute to Mr. Grey’s mastery of gay locution, which added enormously to my reading pleasure:


“God, he hoped his gut was leading him in the right direction. He hoped it was his gut… and not the little head between his legs.”

“tumbled into release”


“his boxers, now tented with desire”

“If I were to give advice… But I won’t, because advice is like cheap toilet paper. It does no good and leaves you with crap on your hands.”





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 188 pages/68005 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 07-April-2020
Price $6.99 ebook, $14.99 paperback
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