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Bureau of Paranormal Affairs (Box Set) by Dulce Dennison at Changeling Press

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Agents/Spies / Law Enforcement / Shifters / Interspecies / Menage MMM / Erotic Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 22-October-2021

Book Blurb

There are rogue shifters on the loose in New York City, and these agents of the Bureau of Paranormal Affairs must bring their quarry to justice before the body count rises.


Grizzly Affair: It isn’t the best time for bear shifter Agent Roarke Hilliard to have his heat cycle. When his partner, Agent Spencer Malloy, places himself in Roarke’s path, the bear is worried he might break the human. Wolf shifter Grigore Gabor knows he’s found his mates. But there’s a killer on the loose…


A Shifter Concern: There’s a killer on the loose in New York City, and it’s up to agents Akoni Kekoa and Naoko Gima to solve the case. When they find their mate living out of a box in an alley, they can’t turn their backs on him. Slater is wary, but with some luck they’ll win their human mate’s heart and stop a rogue shifter before he kills again. They never dream Slater will lead the killer right to their door.


Their Grizzly Hero: Agent Holt Rainmaker thought he’d never find his mate, but when he’s captured he finds Bastian, the quiet shifter he knows belongs to him. Nothing could surprise him more than the blast of need that fills him when a pissed-off grizzly comes to their rescue. Little did Agent Decker Stauder realize when he tracked down The Collector he would end up finding not one mate but two. Not only is he claiming them -- he’s going to bury the man who dared to cage his mates.



First edition of 'Grizzly Affair' published by Changeling Press, September 2017.

First edition of 'A Shifter Concern' published by Changeling Press, November 2017.

First edition of 'Their Grizzly Hero' published by Changeling Press, April 2018.


Book Review

Grizzly Affair

There are times when a blurb will just jump out at me and I can’t begin to explain why ‘Grizzly Affair’ did. Perhaps it’s the idea of agents with a Paranormal Bureau, the idea of one of them - a male, no less - having his work performance hindered by hormones, or it’s the idea of a bear, a wolf, and a human, all coming together as mates. Who knows? Something hooked me and I was happy to settle down with this short read.

I liked Roarke and his partner, Spencer, very much from the get-go. It can’t be easy to chase a homicidal hybrid shifter across multiple states with little to no information. Much like any of the alphabet agencies, BPA is just as concerned with closing cases, with as little negative publicity as possible, and tight purse strings. They do know their killer is part bear shifter which means he’ll be going into mating heat very quickly, just like Roarke, which will probably intensify his killing spree.

Spencer has wanted Roarke for a long time now, but Roarke isn’t about to risk their working partnership, regardless of how much he lusts after the human. Spencer figures if he can be the one Roarke spends his mating heat with, then they’ll both be happy, and maybe, just maybe, Roarke will re-evaluate a relationship. Roarke gravely underestimates his heat cycle and Spencer is more than happy when Roarke relieves a heat with him, but since the grizzly could easily go through ten or twelve more during the night, they agree to call a shifter escort service so that Spencer doesn’t run the risk of being injured.

Grigore is a Romanian wolf, a breed that is almost extinct, and since he refused to breed with a woman, his family shunned him and he came to America. It’s his lucky night as it turns out both these men are his mates. Grigore can’t figure out why Roarke hasn’t told Spencer they’re mates, but Grigore figures he’ll wait a bit before mentioning all of this. It’s just as well. The three men are pretty busy for a long night of hot sex. Oh, and catching one killer, at least.

My only complaint is that I really wish this had been longer in order to get more backstory on the three main characters. The murders and police procedurals was fairly well done, and I certainly enjoyed the pairing of these three very diverse personalities. I would be interested in reading the next installment in the series. I’ll be curious to see if the author stays with this triad or brings in new main characters. All in all, an entertaining, very hot, quick read.


A Shifter Concern

I enjoyed ‘Grizzly Affair’, book one in this series, and I liked the idea of following a new triad - two agents of the Bureau of Paranormal Affairs and their human mate - on the trail of the same serial killer from the first installment. Roarke, Spencer, and Grigore were not able to catch this killer and when the three mated, the BPA turned the case over to the New York office since a body had been found there.

Akoni is a wolf shifter from Oahu who often wonders why he left the island for New York City. The wondering lasts until he gets his next nasty case and he remembers all the good he’s doing here. Naoko is his mate, a jaguar shifter from Japan, and the city overwhelms him at times too, but he also knows the work they do there is invaluable. Their current serial killer case leaves a ton of DNA but since he’s rogue he isn’t registered anywhere, and he’s smart enough to not leave any evidence that can be used to find him.

In a weird coincidence, or fate, Akoni and Naoko find their third mate, Slater, living in a cardboard box in an alley. He doesn’t trust them about being mates and it’s obvious he has dealt with some tough times on the streets. He agrees to come home with them just to get a warm meal, but he tells them upfront that he’ll leave immediately if anyone tries to force him to do something he doesn’t want to do. It isn’t until Slater has been in their home for a bit that they learn the true horrors of his childhood and life in the foster system. It is one of those horrors that was made into the creature Akoni and Naoko are searching for, and who now comes for Slater.

I have to admit to enjoying the first novella better than this one. In ‘A Shifter Concern’ I felt the police procedural was not as well done and I didn’t get a real mate connection feel between these three. The story was enjoyable but feeling more in tune with all three of these men and perhaps having more background on Akoni and Naoko would have made it even better.


Their Grizzly Hero

This series about an alphabet agency that handles paranormal affairs and the agents who work there has definitely kept me entertained during the first two installments. Each of the previous novellas revolves around a trio comprised of two shifters and one human, so I was definitely intrigued to read this release since the triad are all shifters.

Decker is an agent with BPA, Holt is a member of Shifter Forces, and both of these departments are trying to find The Collector, a person who has been abducting shifters for a number of months. There have been no leads, no evidence left behind, and no witnesses which is why Decker begins to believe that magick is involved and that the perpetrator must be getting help. Bastian is in Holt’s cell when he awakens after being abducted, and both men are stunned to realize they are mates.

Bastian has been held in captivity for nine months and once they discovered he was gay, their intent to breed him changed to allowing the humans working in the group to torture and abuse him. Bastian is positive that he will never be rescued and even once he and Holt meet, Bastian is still 100 percent sure that they will never be rescued and they’ll die in captivity. Of course, just as The Collector is about to take Holt away for torture, Decker comes bursting in to save them.

‘Their Grizzly Hero’ is definitely my second favorite of the series to date. I definitely would have preferred for it to be longer but I’m just happy to read these guys’ story. Decker, Holt, and Bastian are rather amazing to watch especially the intense feelings the mating brings about in all three of them. I really liked how they formed their family and the ending was lovely. I hope the author will consider writing more in this world.





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Format ebook and print
Length Collection/ 3 novellas, 177 pages
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Publication Date 22-October-2021
Price $4.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
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