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Bromantically Yours by K.C. Wells at Dreamspinner Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 14-February-2018

Book Blurb

A friends-to-lovers novella that came from Out of the Shadows, because Nate and Dylan needed a story….


Nate and Dylan have been pals for a long time. So what if their friends think they’ve got a little bromance going? Doesn’t mean there’s anything more to it than that, right? And even if there is, Nate and Dylan are totally oblivious….


Until the night they share a drunken kiss—and everything changes.


Book Review

After being completely charmed by K.C. Wells’s Dreamspun Desire, ‘Out of the Shadows’, and falling half in love with the main and secondary characters, I am beyond thrilled the author decided to write a novella featuring Nate and Dylan. There’s definitely something going on there that they are either unwilling to, or incapable of, seeing and I am squeeing over what this author can bring me. Since Valentine’s Day isn’t a favorite holiday of mine, I am happy to have something fun, sexy, and easy to read on this day.

I fell more head over heels for Dylan and Nate throughout this entire story. The author truly captured the friends-to-lovers trope in such a realistic way that there were more than a few moments when I was on the edge of my seat crossing my fingers and hoping each of these guys felt the same way. Considering Josh, Christian, and Logan weren’t surprised at all by this new development, it seems that only Dylan and Nate hadn’t looked hard enough at their relationship to see that the way they felt is more than just best friends of twenty years.

‘Bromantically Yours’ is even better than I had hoped and let me tell you, I had a lot of wishing going on. The author captured these characters and really brought their burgeoning love story into the light. It is everything I wanted and needed it to be. Thank you, K.C., more than you know.





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Additional Information

Format ebook and audio
Length Novella, 97 pages/30260 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 14-February-2018
Price $4.99 ebook, $14.95 audiobook
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