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Break Free (Kinley Island 2) by Raleigh Ruebins

Genre Gay / Bisexual / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 06-September-2019

Book Blurb

Nobody’s better at being alone than me. I’ve perfected the art of isolation: I go to work at Luna’s Diner, come home, and I definitely don’t go on dates anymore.

But then Beck walked into my diner looking like the textbook definition of a hot, single dad--tall, bearded, and the kindest eyes this side of the Rockies.
And I let my guard down for the first time in years.

He’s straight, but soon he wants to keep me close. In-bed-together close. I’d forgotten just how good it could feel. But I have no room in my life for a crush, let alone a relationship. My past broke me into pieces, and I’m only now starting to pick them back up. 

I’m not going to let myself fall for him.
Even though he’s the first person I’ve been comfortable with in years.
Even though he wants me, too, on lonely nights. 
Even though his touch makes me ache.

Since moving to Kinley Island, I’ve been living like a shadow. I’m divorced and single for the first time in fifteen years, and my days have been as drab and routine as the rainy weather outside.

And then one late night at my regular diner, everything changed. The mysterious, tattooed man behind the counter opened up to me--flirted with me--and I flirted back. I’ve never been into men, but I can’t keep my eyes off Caleb--he’s beautiful, intense, and broken, and now I feel a desperate urge to fix him.

But I also just got a phone call I never expected: my sixteen-year-old daughter is coming to stay with me for the summer. After living like a bachelor all year, I have no clue how to be a single parent. Caleb offers to help me, and of course I say yes.

But now I’m starting to feel addicted to him.
His body. His lips. His touch.
Is it possible to like a friend too much?

Book Review

“When we are able to break free from the imprisonment of our little, small self-thinking and dare to face the essence of life, we recognize we are never at home with ourselves. We are always on the road. By challenging the unknown and the unidentified we are capable of opening our skyline.” ~ Erik Pevernagie (Transcendental Journey)

Caleb and Beck, of ‘Break Free’ by Raleigh Ruebins, have both lost someone they love—Caleb through tragedy and Beck through divorce. They are both lonely, broken men who have isolated themselves from the world. One fateful night, Caleb decides to open up and flirt with Beck. Even though he has never thought of himself as being attracted to other men, is in just the right mood to flirt back. This interaction sets them on an unexpected course that crashes them together, giving them both something they don’t expect or even know is possible.

Beck doesn’t know what to think about his reaction to Caleb’s attention. During his marriage, he spent most of his time apologizing to his wife who found fault with almost everything. He hates being alone. Even though their marriage wasn’t great, he had some semblance of family, particularly when it came to his daughter. He misses his ex-wife, but he misses his daughter even more. When he finds out she is coming to stay with him for the summer, he is elated, until he looks around at the place he has been living and knows he needs help making it look like a home. Beck mentions this to Caleb who quickly volunteers to help him remedy the situation.

Over the next few weeks, Caleb and Beck become closer, moving towards a physical relationship. Caleb knows he is not on solid ground. After all, Beck has always considered himself straight and has never been with a man before. Not knowing if he is ready for a relationship himself, Caleb tries to be just friends with Beck, but Beck kisses him, signaling to Caleb that he wants more. Things are good for a while, but as they become more involved, Beck balks leaving Caleb hurting and confused.

It was good to visit Kinley Island again to see how the characters from the first story are getting along. The story, like the island, is charming and familiar, drawing me, as if I was there. Caleb and Beck have a complicated relationship that takes a lot of care, understanding, and, ultimately, making a decision about what and who is most important in their lives. Thanks, Raleigh, I’m hoping for another adventure in the series.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 305 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 30-June-2019
Price $3.99 ebook
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