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Blessed Isle by Alex Beecroft

Genre Gay / Historical / 19th Century / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 07-November-2018

Book Blurb

For Captain Harry Thompson, the command of the prison transport ship HMS Banshee is his opportunity to prove his worth, working-class origins be damned. But his criminal attraction to his upper-crust First Lieutenant, Garnet Littleton, threatens to overturn all he’s ever worked for.

Lust quickly proves to be the least of his problems, however. The deadly combination of typhus, rioting convicts, and a monstrous storm destroys his prospects . . . and shipwrecks him and Garnet on their own private island. After months of solitary paradise, the journey back to civilization — surviving mutineers, exposure, and desertion — is the ultimate test of their feelings for each other.

These two very different men each record their story for an unfathomable future in which the tale of their love — a love punishable by death in their own time — can finally be told. Today, dear reader, it is at last safe for you to hear it all.

First edition published by Riptide Publishing, 2009. Second edition published as a revised, stand-alone edition by Riptide Publishing, December, 2012.

Book Review

"Sometimes it takes losing everything you thought you needed to gain everything you ever wanted." - Mandy Hale

What people think they want may not be what's best for them. This is certainly the case with Captain Harry Thompson of 'Blessed Isle' by Alex Beecroft. His prideful determination to prove his worth nearly ends his life and, if he follows the narrow path he set for himself, will also result in losing Garnet, his First Lieutenant, the man who could give meaning to it.

Harry is driven, wanting to achieve success even over the possibility of having a dangerous, all-consuming love for Garnet. Garnet senses Harry's passion and tries to act on it, but Harry is immovable. He is tempted, but also furious that Garnet would even think it possible for them to have an affair, much less to love each other. Harry lets his determination instead of his heart rule his life. Harry's rejection angers Garnet, but doesn't take away the feelings he has for him. Nor does it dim his loyalty and devotion. Garnet stands with Harry through disease, horrendous storms, and eventually mutiny, never wavering. When worst comes to worst, Harry chooses life over going down with his ship and escapes, taking Garnet with him.

They finally end up on a deserted island where they remain for years. They give in to their passion and express it in a carnal, but increasingly loving way. Even without all the trappings of convention, there is still “trouble in paradise”. Harry begins to miss “polite society” and begins to reject his “heathen ways”; yet he knows there is no turning back from what has happened between him and Garnet.

The richness of this story is not in the telling, although its flowing prose is a delight to read. It's the love between Harry and Garnet – it was so precious they felt compelled to journal it. Even though they knew they would have to hide it, they held hope that things would be different in the future and that there would be those who would appreciate reading about their supreme sacrifices to be together and value their incomparable love for each other. I recommend this book to readers who enjoy ships, ocean voyages, and sailors, written in a descriptive and beautiful romantic expression. Thanks, Alex, for giving Harry and Garnet a way to express themselves.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 70 pages/28500 words
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Publication Date 22-March-2018
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