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Bayou's End (Rougaroux Social Club 2) by Lynn Lorenz at Lorenz-Lane Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 11-September-2020

Book Blurb

Billy Trosclair is a deputy for the St. Jerome Sheriff’s department and also a werewolf. And he’s just recently come out to his pack as gay. Some in his pack aren’t happy about the growing number of gay men in the pack, what with the alpha bringing his mate for acceptance. But for Billy, it was time to stand up and speak up, hopefully to insure when it’s his time to mate, he’ll be welcome.

But Billy is only in his mid-twenties, and most mating doesn’t happen until closer to thirty or later, so there’s plenty of time.

Until Peter Graham shows up in St. Jerome, looking for PI. Ted Canedo, the alpha’s mate. One whiff of Peter and Billy knows his mate has appeared, even if it’s years earlier than he expected.

Peter is a werewolf also, gay, and on the run from his past. Thrown out of his pack when his father found out he was gay, Peter’s been searching for a home. He’s an artist, definitely not alpha material, and he’s been abused one too many times. The latest has left serious damage on him physically and emotionally.

But maybe, with Ted’s help, Peter can find a new life in St. Jerome.

Until he meets Billy, his mate. They’re both too young to mate but tell that to their wolves.
After all, the wolf wants the wolf wants.

But there are those in the pack who aren’t happy about having more gay men living in town and belonging to their pack and are willing to stop at nothing to return St. Jerome’s pack to the way it used to be.



First edition published by Loose Id, October 2011.

Second edition published by Hartwood Publishing, November 2018.


Book Review

This is book two in Lynn Lorenz's extremely fascinating and well written series 'Rougaroux Social Club' which is set in Louisiana bayou country. This story picked up three months after the end of the first volume and involves the little town of St. Jerome. I get really excited about good, and interesting, shifter stories. The fact that 'Bayou's End' also involved a pairing with a pretty damaged young man, and a strong, loyal man, led me to believe I was going to really like these two main characters. I knew the story would also share glimpses of Ted and Scott, the main characters from book one, and that was an added appeal.

Peter has been making do ever since his father kicked him out and stopped paying his tuition at twenty when he came out as gay. Since then his life has consisted of a number of sugar daddies to take care of him. Unfortunately, the last one, the artist he met on his retreat in St. Jerome, turned into quite the abuser and all around sleazeball. Peter left and decided to head back to Louisiana to see if he could get some help from his friend Ted, whom he met at the retreat. It comes as quite a surprise to Peter when he discovers the werewolves that live in town, especially a gay wolf, since his own pack threw him out for being gay.

Billy. Hmm. How best to describe him? Is it bad to say that I kept hearing the Waylon Jennings theme song to Dukes of Hazard? "He's just a good ole' boy, never meaning no harm..." I got this picture in my head of a sexy, strong, loyal, fierce, honorable man, and that's exactly who Billy is. He loves his life in the pack and as a sheriff's deputy in the small town of St. Jerome. It's home and he never wants to leave. When he walks into the jail to discover a small, gorgeous, blond man who is looking for Ted, it takes all of Billy's willpower to hold his wolf back from claiming his mate. Of course, it takes a female pack member to clue him in to that concept. *snort*

I fell head over heels for Peter. He was so vulnerable, but completely determined to stand up and be the kind of man he knew he could be, and the kind that would make Billy proud. Peter has been handed some crap in his life, no doubt about it, and how he's dealt with some of it hasn't been the smartest, but we all do stupid things when we're young, and we all have to grow up eventually. Billy was very easy to love. He is such a good man, always concerned with making sure Peter never felt pressured, and wanting to give Peter the space he needed to learn to stand on his own two feet. It was pretty incredible considering the pull of mates is so strong.

It didn't take long before trouble started up, though. Peter being accused of theft, pack members attacking him in wolf form, and Billy has no idea who or what is behind all of this, but he's darn sure going to figure it out. No one is going to hurt his mate, not on Billy's watch. I adored this second installment. It had all the excitement, the hotness factor, and the intrigue that I saw in the first book. It had a little more midnight spell mojo being performed by Scott's mom - shhh, they're prayers - and a wonderful ending. I look forward to reading more.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 168 pages
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Publication Date 06-August-2020
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