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Bad Boyfriend (Bad in Baltimore 2) by K.A. Mitchell at Dreamspinner Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 20-February-2018

Book Blurb

Causing trouble has never been more fun.


Eli Wright doesn’t follow anyone’s rules. When he was seventeen, his parents threw him out of the house for being gay. He’s been making his own way for the past five years and he’s not about to change himself for anyone’s expectations. For now, romance can wait. There are plenty of hot guys to keep him entertained until he finds someone special.


Quinn Maloney kept the peace and his closeted boyfriend’s secrets for ten years. One morning he got a hell of a wake-up along with his coffee. Not only did the boyfriend cheat on him, but he’s marrying the girl he knocked up. Inviting Quinn to the baby’s baptism is the last straw. Quinn’s had enough of gritting his teeth to play nice. His former boyfriend is in for a rude awakening, because Quinn’s not going to sit quietly on the sidelines. In fact, he has the perfect scheme, and he just needs to convince the much younger, eyeliner-wearing guy who winks at him in a bar to help him out.


Eli’s deception is a little too good, and soon he has everyone believing they’re madly in love. In fact, he’s almost got Quinn believing it himself….




First Edition published by Samhain Publishers Inc., December 2011.

Book Review

'Bad Boyfriend' is book two in K.A. Mitchell's fabulous series, 'Bad in Baltimore', and I knew before reading it that it would be incredible. How, you might ask? Because it's Eli's story and I'd already fallen for him in book one. Eli is one of my favorite characters because he's a super sarcastic bottom with no filter between brain and mouth. He's also an amazing guy who survived being kicked out of his home, he's out and proud, and Eli is who he is and never apologizes for that. He may be young, but Eli has more common sense than people twice his age. I fell more in love with him with each turn of the page.

It's been eight months since Quinn's partner and lover of ten years, Peter, told Quinn he got some woman pregnant and he was moving out and marrying her. He's a real piece of work, too, let me tell you. Ten years of being together but Peter insists he's not gay. Wow. Could've fooled Quinn, even though Quinn has kept Peter's secret for all this time. Now Peter wants Quinn to be his son's godfather. What? Yeah. The sheer selfishness of the man absolutely astounded me. However, if none of this had happened, then Quinn wouldn't have met Eli, and that would've been the true disaster. Quinn picks Eli up in a bar and decides to bring him as his date to the christening. Peter's new wife might be clueless but Quinn is pretty sure that Peter's whole family has always known that Quinn was more than just Peter's roommate.

"Quinn met Eli's gaze and held it. In less than twenty-four hours, this piece of ass in black eyeliner, Eli~whose last name he didn't even know, who was barely older than the kids in his class~had completely rewritten all the rules Quinn followed to keep his life on a peaceful path. He should have been furious, he should have been scared, and he was, but those feelings were taking a backseat to an overwhelming sense of gratitude ~ floating on a fresh wave of joy ~ like being caught in a gentle summer rain that rinsed away the weight of heat and humidity."

Eli does a great job convincing everyone that he and Quinn have been together for awhile and that they're crazy about each other. When Quinn says he'd like to spend more time with Eli, Eli says no because even though the sex is the best he's ever had, there are too many family complications and that's something Eli stays away from. But Eli did his job too well, and he gets dragged back, not really kicking and screaming but definitely wary, into "dating" Quinn. Except things begin to change and it's no longer a game, now it's two people falling in love and having no idea how to handle it.

I absolutely loved this book. Eli and Quinn are getting added to my favorite couples list. I'd like to say that Peter got what he deserved in the end, and to a degree he did, it just wasn't enough in my opinion for the complete and utter sleaze ball he is. Eli and Quinn got each other which was exactly the happy ending that I wanted.





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Format ebook, print and audio
Length Novel, 272 pages/62569 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 20-February-2018
Price $6.99 ebook, $14.99 paperback, $14.99 bundle, $19.95 audiobook
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