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Angels In The City by Garrett Leigh at Fox Love Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance / Holiday
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 13-January-2021

Book Blurb

A fake relationship with a stranger. An office romance with doughnuts and white knights. An addictive arrangement—friends with benefits—fast turns to love.

Jonah Gray is rich, successful, and the most eligible bachelor in the city, according to his mother, at least. But the truth is, despite her efforts to pair him off, he’s fine on his own. All he needs is a date to the Christmas ball.

Sacha Ivanov is a lone wolf, content in the cycle of long days, late nights, and anonymous hook ups, but when a chance encounter in a broken-down lift brings a gorgeous copper-haired CEO into his life, everything begins to change.

As Christmas fast approaches, a favour for a stranger blooms into something more. He doesn’t do second dates or relationships. But for kind-hearted Jonah, his angel in the city, he might just change his mind.


Book Review

You are my angel. You came to my rescue. I never thought I would love until you came my way.” ~by Michael Andrew (You are my Angel)


It is the night of the annual Christmas Ball, put on by Jonah Gray’s parents, of ‘Angels in the City’ by Garrett Leigh. Jonah dreads this night with his entire being; when Jonah was sixteen he was sexually assaulted by a friend of his parents. He never told anyone but, to this day, it fills him with anxiety and shame. Still, he is expected to attend.


After leaving his office, he gets in the lift and, at the last minute, another man, Sasha Ivanov, rushes on. Jonah doesn’t recognize him so asks if he is a visitor. Sacha tells him that he has been called in to help the tech company that shares Jonah’s business and that this is his first day. Unfortunately, the lift gets stuck and it takes a while for the maintenance crew to get it moving again. However, it does give Jonah and Sacha a chance to continue their conversation. Jonah knows that his mother is going to pester him about not having a date. On a whim, he asks Sacha if he wants to be his pretend date to the party. Having nowhere else to go, Sacha agrees.


As it turns out, Sacha makes a wonderfully charming date. He is attentive and affectionate; he even defends Jonah against the “creepy old man with the bad hair” who turns out to be Jonah’s former attacker. Also, Sasha completely charms Jonah’s mother. He does such a good job that Jonah’s mom chastises him for not introducing him to her before now. Jonah is a bit distressed about this since Sacha has already told him that he doesn’t do second dates; he prefers one-night stands and anonymous

hookups. In any case, their “date” is a huge success, surprising both men. Even more startling is the heat between them. On the way home, Jonah and Sacha decide that they are not ready for the night to end. Jonah takes Sacha to his penthouse where they have hot and heavy sex all over his apartment.


Jonah scares Sacha because being with him challenges everything that he thought he knew about himself. Sacha has always thought that he was fine with his sex life being impersonal and merely physical. Sacha thought he was satisfied being alone. Yet, the more he is with Jonah, the more he wants to be. He is at war with himself, constantly trying to justify the reactions he is having to Jonah and his growing feelings for him. Instead of facing his feelings, he keeps trying to push him away.


From the first night they are together, Jonah knows he is in trouble. Sacha has told him he is not interested in a relationship, but Jonah has never met anyone like Sacha. The reaction he has to him is visceral. He can’t wait to see him again and, against his better judgement, tries to find a way to convince him to break his “rule” and see him again. Over the next few weeks, they pursue a confusing push-me, pull-me affair. What Sacha says doesn’t vibe with what he appears to feel. But, if Sacha can’t come to terms with the situation, there’s no hope for them.


Garrett has written an angsty, character-driven story with two amazing, intense men who, although they had trouble admitting it, fit together so perfectly that it was painful. I absolutely loved Jonah. For a rich, privileged man he was incredibly generous and compassionate. It was refreshing. Sacha was harder to like but was incredibly sensual and intriguing. It was obvious that he was conflicted and wasn’t sure he wanted or deserved to be happy and loved. It was sad, but also infuriating at times. It was a wild ride between the two of them. Thanks, Garrett, for giving them their hard-earned happy ending.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 243 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 03-December-2020
Price $4.99 ebook, $14.99 paperback, $29.99 hardcover
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