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After the Rain (Fire and Rain 2) by Daisy Harris

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Firefighters / Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 18-November-2017

Book Blurb

They’re going to need a bigger tent.

Henri’s list of bad exes is as long as his arm, but nothing prepared him for his latest, heart-stomping breakup. He thought he couldn’t feel more abandoned, until his ride for a group camping trip bails, leaving him stuck driving for hours with a guy who is absolutely not his type.

After breaking up with his girlfriend of five years, firefighter Logan is working up the nerve to explore his interest in men. He knows he’s gay. He just hasn’t had the guts to do anything about it…until now.

Henri’s big-city attitude and tight jeans push every last one of Logan’s buttons, and when he and Henri have to share a tent, Logan is thrilled. He should have realized Pacific Northwest weather would get wet—forcing them to strip naked.

Though the steam between them is thicker than coastal fog, Henri’s not sure he can let himself fall for another man. Not even the guy who finally treats him right.


Warning: Contains bad ex-boyfriends, even worse weather, and more than your average amount of sex in a tent. May not be suitable for those with germ phobias, outdoor aversions or fear of damp shoes.

Book Review

With a couple that is in many ways as unlikely to match as Jesse and Tomas in the first book of this series, the characters, dynamics, and issues in this second volume are still very different. Logan isn’t necessarily afraid of coming out, he just really doesn’t have a reason – until he meets Henri. Henri is out and proud, but he has had some awful experiences with boyfriends, and the most recent has made him swear off relationships. And the fact that these two very different men don’t really hit it off very well only to get stuck in a small tent during a camping trip just adds enough drama to make this a very interesting read.

Henri is a cute guy, Canadian, but he’s lived in the US long enough to feel at home there. Well, most of the time. He is about to graduate college, has no idea what to do with his future (just probably not what his overbearing father wants him to do), and has been through the breakup from hell. All his exes treated him badly, which has done a number on his self-esteem, but this last one cheated and then some. The exes never treated him with respect, and, sadly, Henri has learned to expect that sort of behavior. Despite all of this, he is full of life and super resilient, but he is sort of shocked when Logan is nice to him. Of course, this made me very sad and I was rooting for him all the harder!

Logan is a great guy, but he hates confrontation. He got together with his ex-girlfriend when he was fifteen, and even though he “sort of suspected he may be gay”, never really faced up to it until recently—five years later. He has never been with a man, has never done anything but watch porn, so he doesn’t really know what to do. At least, that is what he tells himself, in fact, he has pretty good instincts, and with him being attracted enough to Henri to make it all worthwhile, he ends up very determined to show Henri a relationship can be very different from what Henri “expects”.

The setting of a GLBT camping weekend, lots of rain and crawling into a small tent, and some hilarious supporting characters, this was a highly entertaining read with as much humor as heat. If you like stories where both main characters battle their past, if you enjoy reading about men where the sparks fly from the very beginning – but not in a good way until they get to know each other a little, and if you’re looking for an entertaining read that is hot as well as touching, then you will probably like this novel.





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Format ebook
Length Novella
Heat Level
Publication Date 11-September-2017
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