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A Touch of Romance (The Slippery Slope 1) by Merry Farmer

Genre Gay / Historical / 19th Century / Actors/Entertainers / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 12-May-2022

Book Blurb

He crossed the ocean to escape from love…

Journalist Marcus Albright did 
not run away from his London home when he accepted an assignment in New York City. His interest in writing a series of articles about the popular club scene of The Bowery has nothing to do with the disastrous end of a long-term relationship, or his desire to stay as far away from love and commitment that he possibly can. His only concern is enjoying the vibrancy and color that The Slippery Slope is famous for.

…but love has other plans…

Jasper Werther loves his wild, flamboyant life, but the moment Marcus steps into The Slippery Slope, he knows he wants more. Particularly after spending a romantic night out on the town with Marcus as his drag persona, Blaise Rose. After waiting a lifetime for acceptance of everything he is, Jasper believes it’s finally within his grasp.

…until heartbreak strikes.

When a policeman with ambitions threatens to shut down The Slippery Slope, Jasper has a bigger problem than trying to woo a man who has sworn never to fall in love again. Everything within Marcus tells him not to get involved, but he is drawn back to Jasper, no matter how hard he fights it. Will Jasper and Marcus get a second chance at love, or will the pain of the past keep them apart?

Book Review

“We accept the love we think we deserve.” ~ Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Blank Lined Journal.


After ending a disastrous relationship, Marcus Albright, of ‘A Touch of Romance’ by Merry Farmer, takes a writing assignment in New York City to get away for a while. Relationships are something in the past for him. But when he meets Jasper Werther, it gives him pause. It’s simply too painful and pointless.


It’s just another day at work at the Slippery Slope for Jasper until Marcus, the most handsome man Jasper has ever seen, walks through the door. After he and Marcus take a tour of New York City, they spend a passionate, romantic evening together; Jasper’s hope of finding someone to love increases exponentially. He is even more encouraged when Marcus seems to accept him for who he is, dressed as Miss Blaze Rose or Jasper Werther. Since the only clothing Jasper has to wear belongs to Blaise, Jasper leaves early in the morning to avoid a scandal. He is sure that Marcus has enjoyed their night together as much as he did and will be anxious to see him again, but when he comes to the club later that morning, Marcus acts as if nothing has happened between them. Jasper’s heart breaks; he kicks himself for even imagining that it would be as meaningful to Marcus as it was to him.


Marcus marvels over the romantic encounter he’s had with Jasper. He had never met anyone like him. Marcus envies Jasper's ability to be so comfortable in his skin. Jasper is someone he could care deeply about if given a chance. But by the time Jasper gets to the club, he has convinced himself that it was just a fling, that it could never be anything more. His experience with his ex has soured his view of romance. Things may start well, but they would go wrong sooner or later, just like they have in the past. He isn't willing to take the chance. Then why is he so unsettled Jasper when he paid attention to other men in the club? He couldn't possibly be jealous. Could he?


'A Touch of Romance' is the first book in a new series but has many references to characters in 'The Brotherhood' series, which I loved. Since he appeared in that series, I've loved Jasper. However, I didn't care for Marcus. His back-and-forth hurt Jasper, and that made me angry. Fortunately, things worked out, but Jasper was more forgiving than I'd ever have been. Thanks, Merry. I look forward to reading more books in the series.



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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 268 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 15-April-2022
Price $4.99 ebook, $12.99 paperback
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