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A Shared Love (A Spartan Love 3) by Kayla Jameth at Rocky Ridge Books

Genre Gay / Historical / Ancient Europe / Warriors/Soldiers / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 10-October-2017

Book Blurb

Once a warrior, now a fugitive.

Spartan fighter Theron has done the unthinkable—he’s disobeyed orders and fled Sparta. All for his helot lover, Andreas. They can run, or they can die.

They’ve sworn oaths to Apollo; now their future lies in the god’s sacred city. The road to Delphi runs through treacherous wilderness, filled with vengeful warriors, greedy bandits, and savage creatures. Nor are the cities safe for strangers wearing the red cloaks of the Spartan military.

Once slated for execution at Theron’s hand, Andreas finds it hard to trust the man who betrayed him. Forgiving Theron grows easier for Andreas with every step they take. He isn't ready to trust Theron with his heart again—but remembering why is getting harder and harder.

A god’s scheming places a fellow exile in their path, Theron’s shield-brother Coridan. Still reeling from his own tragedy, Coridan could be the force that tears them apart forever, or who brings them together in Apollo’s service.

Three different men, three different pasts, who must unite in a common destiny.

If they can survive.

Book Review

“Becoming free is learning about yourself; ... No longer are you following another’s directions and your path and purpose will present themselves. Only then might you find another wandering soul...who can walk with you but on their own journey. All of a sudden you might find a shared passion...” ~ Ritta Klint

'A Shared Love' by Kayla Jameth picks up where the previous book ended with Theron giving up his entire life in order to be with his lover, Andreas. The god, Apollo, has chosen Andreas and Theron to serve him and sends them on a journey to his temple in Delphi. Once there, they will discover what Apollo expects of them.

After being on Theron's 'hit list', even though he didn't kill him, the trust between Andreas and Theron is broken despite Theron having given up everything to travel with Andreas, who is still skeptical about having a role in Theron's life. The journey to Delphi gives them time to reassess their relationship, see what they can salvage, and, hopefully, get back to where they were before. The trip is very long and treacherous. They have to be constantly aware of the weather because they don't want to get caught somewhere when it gets cold. With many dangers on the way, they have to be stealthy and smart. A careless mistake can mean their lives.

Partway through the journey, Theron and Andreas run across a stranger and go on the defensive. Theron goes to investigate and discovers that it is Coridan, his former shield- brother. From his demeanor, Theron sees that Coridan is still mourning his lover, Lysander. He looks very thin and forlorn. Immediately, Theron wants to help him but the question is how.

The three men join forces and continue their journey. As they travel along, Theron and Andreas begin to rebuild their relationship; carnal desires are reignited - good for them, not so comfortable for Coridan. Flirting and sexual innuendos start between Andreas, Theron, and Coridan. Andreas loves Theron and is unsettled by the thought of sharing Theron, but he's also confused by the desire he is feeling for Coridan. Theron is having the same misgivings. He loves and respects Coridan as a brother; he wants to do something to make him whole. Theron is confused about his growing desire for the man but not sure he can share him with Coridan. None of them want to do anything that will hurt the other, but with the growing passion among them, something has to give soon. If they take this step, they know that there's no looking back.

The trip to Delphi takes a long time and they learn lots of lessons about themselves and each other. I love Andreas's ferret, Ictis, and the way the little rascal insinuates himself into everyone's favor. I found their devotion to him endearing. Kyria, Coridan's wolf companion, was amazing, brave, and even nurturing. Obtaining character growth for Theron, Andreas, and Coridan gives each man his chance to become the man they are destined to be. Thanks, Kayla, for the look at ancient history including handsome men, and hot, sensual scenes full of emotion. I will miss Theron and Andreas, but am happy they got to have a hopeful ending and kept Apollo happy as well.





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Length Novel, 379 pages
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Publication Date 28-August-2017
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