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A Devil's Bargain by Stormy Glenn at Siren Publishing

Genre Gay / Fantasy / Angels/Demons / Fairy Tales / Royalty/Nobility / Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 18-June-2018

Book Blurb

Don Giovanni had lost everything through his own misdeeds. His father's villa, the family money, everything right down to the clothes on his back. He had nothing, not even his pride. When he's offered a deal with the Devil, he knows there's a catch, but he's too desperate to care.


With wealth beyond his imagination, Giovanni realizes that he's been given a second chance and he refuses to squander it. When his charitable donations and good works comes to the attention of the king, life as Giovanni knows it changes, especially when he's offered the hand of the royal prince.


Benito is the youngest child of the royal family. As such, he's often overlooked in favor of his older siblings. When the king gives his word to marry his son to a wealthy benefactor, and the oldest prince turns him down, Benito volunteers, not knowing he's about to embark on his wildest adventure.


But someone is not happy that Giovanni and Benito married. When they don't know who they can trust, they have to learn to trust in each other, especially when betrayal comes from someone close to them. It might be their only chance to break a Devil's bargain.


Book Review

Deals with the devil are about as dangerous as they are tempting, if not more. The one at the center of this story is tailored to Giovanni, a man who has spent his father’s fortune on appearances, spoiling his “friends”, and more than one bad investment. He is left with absolutely nothing and is about to learn a few hard lessons when the Devil comes along and offers him what might seem like an easy way out: all the money he wants in exchange for not washing or changing his clothes or his appearance for three years, three months, three weeks, and three days. This is the fairy tale way of saying “a very, very long time” but Giovanni is desperate enough to accept the challenge, even if won’t be easy and will forfeit his soul if he fails.

Once Giovanni has learned his lesson by losing everything and realizing how difficult it will be to rebuild his existence, he starts out with the best of intentions and really does a lot of good. He hides away because most people can’t stand to be near him. Unlike before, Giovanni spends his money helping out those who need it but he is lonely. His unwashed and unkempt status does not make it easy to find a partner and Giovanni does not really expect to find anyone until the three-plus years are over. But when he helps out the king and ends up married to Benito, that changes.

Benito is used to being overlooked, to being ignored, and to be seen as less important because he is only the third son and will not ever become king. It has damaged his self-esteem but does not stop him from being a truly nice guy. He takes the time to get to know the servants, he quietly supports his family, and when his oldest brother refuses to marry Giovanni once he sees a photo, Benito steps up. The king promised his son to Giovanni, and Benito will not allow his father to break his word. Talk about dedication!

Giovanni and Benito are both less acceptable and less desirable in the eyes of many. Giovanni because of the way he looks and smells after over three years of no personal hygiene at all, and Benito because all the attention is on his older siblings, and he has always been made to fell like “less” because he will never be king. Both men have learned to look for qualities other than looks, and this helps them deal with the many obstacles to their happy ending. While some of what happens may be “unrealistic”, it fits the feel of a fairy tale perfectly. The message is clear – someone’s real qualities cannot be found in appearances and external qualities. What counts is on the inside.

If you like fairy tales, if you want to see two men who have not been dealt the best cards by fate make a miraculous recovery, and if you’re looking for a sweet read with a few surprises, some suspense, and lots of loving, then you will probably like this novella as much as I do. I can recommend it as a great feel-good read!





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 33151 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 15-June-2018
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