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A Chance at Love by Silvia Violet

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Age Gap / Erotic Romance / BDSM
Reviewed by Bob-O-Link on 18-September-2020

Book Blurb

Chance is gorgeous. Younger. Confident. Seductive enough I almost joined the mile-high club the day we met, but I resisted… then.

When we meet again, though, all bets are off. I find myself surrendering to the gorgeous grad student with his intelligence and thirst for life, the guy who calls me Dare and makes me feel like I can do anything.

Despite the differences in our ages and the extra zeroes at the end of my bank balance, despite our agreement to keep our relationship a secret, I can’t deny our connection…and I can’t help falling for him.

But I want more than just clandestine meetings, I want it all. Chance fought to have me, but now I’ll fight to keep him, to convince him he has a place in my world...and to show him I’d risk everything for a chance at love.

First edition published by author, May 2018.

Book Review

For those who have read any of my previous reviews (and, thanks), you may have unkindly categorized me as a pseudo-intellectual, or even a poseur. I am frequently drawn to review serious tomes, which try to educate and elucidate the gay world – such as it was, is, and might become. But, respectful of the mythic Roman god, Janus, who was wont to looking simultaneously in two contradictory directions, my other bent is the adoration of emotional, exciting, and very sexually explicit gay lit. Were I less than polite, such might be referred to as “dirty books”.


Welcome to a discussion of ‘A Chance at Love’, a totally satisfying example of that licentious genre. Initially, it may seem but another example of young-old sex. Darren is forty, wealthy, and worldly. Chance (whose very name makes the book’s title into a pun!) is a twenty-three-year-old graduate student – forward, freaky, and worldly in an earthier milieu. Then, bless Ms. Violet, we get to experience a wonderful trope reversal, in which the younger becomes more dominant, controlling and (hooray) sexually imaginative. Ms. Violet doesn’t fear the hormonal catharsis of combining pain, generated by physical domination, accompanied by the joyous release of sexual joinder. Alert:  Be sure to enjoy one of Darren’s transitions from stinging pain directly into an ecstasy which threatens to tear him apart.


Darren, definitely passionate beneath his mature surface, learns just how hot sex can be when he surrenders control. Can the attraction between these two become something beyond sporadically fulfilled lust? (Chance: “I get it. I’m the fuck-in-the-closet type, not the take-home type.” Darren: “I’m being an ass because I’m scared.”) For Darren and Chance, is there an “us” after sex? Theirs is an olio of antiphonal feelings, each man, to some degree, wanting to exercise control yet also wishing to be controlled! They are off on an erotic trip without a map, which is frightening but exhilarating. The fine writing constantly evokes the readers’ reactions and stimulates basic senses.


Insightful Aside: Ms. Violet is so talented, her characters illustrating the difference between aggression and assertion on one hand, as opposed to short-term lust and obsession. More important, ‘A Chance at Love’ is that very rare erotic item: gay fiction which seems to accurately parse the dichotomy between ‘f**king’ and ‘making love’. She makes clear that while the former may only be an exercise of lustful passion, the latter requires a committed emotional investment. This only may be a problem for intellectual writers or readers, and not for those with only visceral or superficial approaches. Cribbing a philosophical saw from another recent gay novel, actual love is the metamorphosis of desire into caring. 


In Conclusion: Despite differences and roadblocks, can Darren and Chance create something significant? How sad, if they are approaching their efforts with sufficient doubt, thus committing to a bad conclusion at the very beginning. (“We’re supposed to forget the real world, right?” “That means forgetting the rules too.”) Sure! Isn’t that a definition of ‘romance’: a quality of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life? That’s here!


The plot of ‘A Chance at Love’ is complete and engaging. The secondary characters are fully drawn, many favorably, and become well-known to us. The sex – oh my, occurs often and in such delicious places (a maintenance closet; the parking lot of an observatory; all over the house and on every kind of furniture). As for the heroes, Ms. Violet fleshes them out with real flaws, showing how Darren, in particular, is the product of a contentious background.  



1. The title of the book is clever, employing one hero’s multi-definitional name.

2. The plot is a super construct, and the ending so problematic that even I, a lover of the dirty parts, read through the ultimate hot sex scene quickly as to make sure I’d reach the HEA.

3. For your ultimate hygienic pleasure, this “one-handed read” cries out for you to have in (your other) hand, wet wipes or tissues.

4. Kudos to you, Ms. Violet! While I have long enjoyed your books, ‘A Chance at Love’ tempted me to immediately search my college detritus for my fraternity pin, so you and I can start going steady.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 244 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 12-August-2020
Price $3.99 ebook, $12.49 paperback
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