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I'm Tess. I write smut.

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Tess Mackenzie writes smut, and isn’t necessarily ashamed of it, but she still goes to some trouble to hide her efforts from her mother.  She is perpetually grateful for all the wonderful people on the internet who want to read her writing, and sometimes is a little startled when this happens.

Tess is Australian and swears too much, and should probably try harder not to make it sound like these two things are connected.  Tess is apparently the only writer in the world who has neither a cat nor children.  She isn’t sure why, but suspects some kind of linked gene is missing, based on observing her real-life friends.  She likes the colour purple, and sometimes pretends that is for political reasons, but it isn’t really.

Tess went through a stage of thinking she writes romance stories, but is coming to the realization she doesn’t.  She writes slightly thinky, realistic, character-driven erotica, or that’s what she thinks she’s doing right at the moment.  Her characters are real people having especially kinky days.  The rest of the time she writes about relationships, but usually about existing ones, and how they can run into problems.

Tess writes straight fiction as well as fiction about bi women and is just mentioning that so no-one gets confused starting from here.  Her bi fiction ranges from erotica, to terribly serious stories about complicated relationships.

Tess swears a lot on her blog, and takes a childish glee in it, and you should know that before you visit.  But she would love you to visit, because she really does like hearing from people.  Especially nice ones, like she hopes to find here.

Everything Tess writes is free on Smashwords, and also on ARe, and a few other places. She also sells anthology books, but no-one should feel in any way obliged, just please don't.  She is still only finding her way into writing, and her erotica is sometimes a bit more complicated than normal erotica, so if people are interested, it would be really lovely if everyone just read the stories and didn’t feel any obligation about anything.  Please just go and enjoy.

Tess would also like to thank everyone again for being interested.  Because she is really, really grateful to everyone out there who reads her writing.


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