Scott Alexander Hess

Writer of gay fiction, a screenplay, a play, and essays.


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Richard Labonte of Bookmarks calls Scott’s gritty debut novel “Diary of a Sex Addict” (JMS Books) “relentlessly erotic and divinely written.”  Bryan Borland of Sibling Rivalry Press said: "If Dennis Cooper and Chuck Palahniuk had a bastard love child, it would look like Scott Hess's “Diary of a Sex Addict”and Christopher Verleger of Edge in his review calls Diary: “shocking, engrossing…disturbing yet gripping”. 

Scott’s novel, Bergdorf Boys (JMS Books) received an honourable mention in the 2013 Rainbow Book Awards. Joyfully Reviewed said: “Bergdorf Boys” Is an incredibly realistic and intimate look at the mean streets of life for gays in the big city. Raw and gritty language peppered with detailed locale adds to the storyline. There is a very large cast of characters and loads of promiscuous sex, as well as a few hardcore moments too. Provocative and intense, “Bergdorf Boys” is an absorbing look at the not so pretty side of life out of a Midwestern closet.”

Scott’s latest novels include The Jockey set in rural Arkansas and New York City circa 1918; Three Brothers, a darkly lyrical and violent family saga about three Irish brothers in NYC circa 1930; and Skyscraper, about an architect’s creative and sexual awakening spurred by an intense S&M relationship.  He co-wrote the short screenplay, Tom in America produced by Queens Pictures and starring Academy Award nominee Sally Kirkland and Burt Young. An essay of Scott's is featured Leslie Smith's new book “Leaving the Rest” (Magnus Press). Scott blogs for the Huffington Post book section and lives in Manhattan.


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