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Come wander with me


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Born and raised in the middle of the Midwest, KM has always been a dreamer. More often than not she could be found with her nose buried in a book (many of which she had to sneak past her parents). It wasn't long before KM started trying her hand at writing more of the stories she loved. After years of penning tales that rarely left the hard drive of her computer, she discovered M/M romance, and it wasn't long before her own characters started to take shape.

There is little KM loves more than wandering new places and, on occasion, entirely new worlds with her characters. They range from cowboys to Victorian noblemen, accountants to shapeshifters, and everything in between. Writing mainly m/m romance, usually with paranormal or fantasy elements, KM willingly follows her characters wherever they decide to go, sometimes with unusual results. She has little control over their actions – any naughty behavior is all their doing!


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