Kayla Jameth

Where men are free to love each other if only they dare.

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Fascinated by all things ancient, Kayla Jameth could often be found pretending to be an Indian brave in the woods behind the back forty. Protecting her tribe with a handmade bow and arrows crafted from the branches of the old willow tree. Working on the family farm and in their tool and die shop, she learned more mundane skills: baling hay, making maple syrup, and even welding along with other more ladylike activities such as cross-stitch and sewing. Somewhat older but still in love with her fancies, she ruled a kingdom as a princess and earned her knighthood with the costumes she made. Unfortunately real life intruded upon all these fantasies she played at, and she temporarily gave up her stories to pursue a career as a veterinarian. No longer able to act out all the lives in her head, she instead took to writing to give her characters life.


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