Kate Lowell

Writer of gay erotic romance.


Author Bio

Kate Lowell has spent most of her life either buried in a book or having unexpected adventures, which usually end up with Kate covered in mud or other unmentionable substances. Except when they end with fires—yeah, she’s that kind of lady. She cut her reading teeth on the likes of Anne McCaffrey, Isaac Asimov, Poul Anderson, Shakespeare, and Madeleine de L’Engle, but continues to voraciously devour anything that looks (or tastes) good. Currently, she lives on the East Coast of Canada, where you are never far enough away from water to avoid falling in on a convivial Friday night and where every conversation starts with “What’s yer father’s name?” because you ain’t nobody ‘til they’ve figured out how you’re related. (In case you haven’t noticed, she also really likes run-on sentences and is regularly slapped silly by her beta readers, who do not share her enthusiasm.) On occasion, she’s even been heard to profess a certain admiration for countryman Bill Shatner, who has “balls bigger than most of my main characters”. Previous to her plunge into writing, she worked as a surgical nurse in a veterinary clinic, dragged an impressive array of farm equipment around the countryside with large tractors, taught French as a second language, and drove an ambulance at high speed over country roads. Now, she mostly spends her time arguing with fictional characters and trying to scale Mount Laundry-more.


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