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Interview with Kim Davis on 02-June-2014

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Let's start with you telling us a little bit about yourself, Kim.
Arrrr! This is difficult. My bio pretty much covers everything, but I will say that I am constantly fascinated by life. Just when I think I can’t be surprised, I am!

What would people be most surprised to learn about you?
Although many of my characters are male, gay, and white, I am none of the above! But, I really feel that we all have more in common than we think. People are people and many of us share the same ups and downs and everything else in life.

When did you start writing, is it something you've always been interested in, or did it develop later in life?
I have been a writer for many, many years. I love books and yearned to write my own.

Has it been everything you thought it would be or not?
Writing has been everything I thought it would be. It’s very cathartic for me and I don’t know what I’d do if I was suddenly unable to express myself on paper.

How did it feel when you realized that your very first book was going to be published?
I was very happy when J.M. Snyder contacted me to publish my novel Collusion and I’m grateful to JMS Books for taking a chance on me as an author.

What's your favorite part of writing a book?
I enjoy starting a new book and just writing without thinking about how I’m going to tie everything together. I don’t write in a linear fashion, so the puzzle pieces don’t come together neatly for me. I just write and see where the story takes me. I have an idea in mind, but things often change as I get more into the book.

Do you get time to read for pleasure? If so, which books do you enjoy?
Thankfully, I get some time to read during my subway commute to and from my day job. I read a lot of gay-themed books and a lot of fiction. Some of the authors whose books I’ve enjoyed are Josh Lanyon, L.A. Witt, Zoe Heller, James Baldwin, Gillian Flynn, Victor LaValle, and Adam Haslett. But I have to give a shout out to David Margolick. His book Dreadful: The Short Life and Gay Times of John Horne Burns was fascinating to me. I’m not a big fan of non-fiction, but Margolick’s book was great.

Are there any other genres you'd be interested in writing?
I don’t think I’d be comfortable writing in another genre. I’m not a sci-fi, fantasy, historical, or mystery writer. I’m interested in the here and now and in relationships between people, so my writing will continue to focus on love and the turmoil it puts people through.

Please tell us a little about a recent release.
My book, Collusion, focuses on the relationship between Brian Daly, a Philadelphia community college English instructor, and Jay Tanner, his TV weatherman boyfriend. After Jay divorces his wife and comes out of the closet, he and Brian move in together. But there’s trouble in paradise. Brian’s best friend Olivia Carter isn’t getting along with Jay. The two bicker whenever they’re together and ignore Brian’s pleas for them to be friends. In addition to trying to broker peace between Jay and Olivia, Brian is busy fending off Sean Gluski, a love-struck student who is infatuated with him. When Brian spurns Sean’s advances, the student threatens to accuse him of sexual harassment if the two don’t sleep together. And, just when things look like they can’t get any worse, Brian finds out Jay has been cheating on him with Olivia and that she’s pregnant with his partner’s child. Collusion is a story of love gone wrong and the efforts taken to try and make it right again.

What can we look forward to in the future from you?
I am finishing work on a novel about a guy who falls for his mother’s boyfriend.

Anything you want to say to your readers?
Thank you for your support! I hope my writing is entertaining and interesting and that you’ll continue to buy and read more from me.

Kim Davis's recent releases:
Daddy Issues

Jason Townsend has issues with the older men in his life. His current boyfriend Jared is also his boss and, while the two get along wonderfully in the bedroom, their relationship at the office is tense and uncomfortable. Jason’s relationship with his father is also strained -- they grew apart when Jason came out shortly after his parents divorced.

The only person Jason has ever been able to rely on is his mother. So when she announces she’s met Mr. Right, Jason is skeptical. When he meets her new boyfriend, handsome professor Paul Everett, he quickly realizes he and Paul have more in common than their connection to his mother. The two men had slept together the previous summer.

Paul refuses to break things off with Jill, claiming he enjoys being with women and telling Jason their hook-up was a one-time thing that didn’t mean much to him. Unwilling to tell his mother about his past with Paul, Jason stews in silence as he watches his mother and Paul grow closer. At the same time, he finds himself becoming more and more attracted to Paul. When he can’t stand it any longer, Jason makes a pass at his mother’s boyfriend and is surprised his affections aren’t spurned.

Even though Jason finds himself falling in love with Paul, he knows he’s betraying his mother and he hates himself for it. She’s always been his staunchest ally, and sleeping with her boyfriend abuses the trust between them. Can Jason love a man who’s also deceiving his mother? When he’s forced to choose between Paul and his mother, the decision isn’t as easy as it seems.


English professor Brian Daly is finally able to live openly with the love of his life, local weatherman Jay Tanner. Jay has ended his sham marriage and come out of the closet, and he and Brian now share a condo in the city.

But there’s trouble in paradise. Brian’s best friend Olivia can’t seem to get along with Jay. The two bicker whenever they’re together. In addition to trying to broker peace between his friends, Brian is busy fending off Sean, an infatuated student who wants Brian to be his first lover. When Brian spurns his advances, he threatens to accuse the professor of sexual harassment if the two don’t sleep together.

Just when things seem like they can’t get any worse, Brian discovers Jay has been cheating on him with a woman. And not just any woman -- Olivia, who is now pregnant with Jay’s child.

Brian’s world crumbles as his relationship with Jay falls apart and his friendship with Olivia is destroyed. While he works to try and put his life back together, Brian is relentlessly pursued by Sean. But this time Brian doesn’t turn him away, and the two begin a relationship that helps Brian get over some of the heartache he’s suffered.

After a while, Brian also reunites with Olivia, and becomes a kind of surrogate father to her newborn daughter. The baby helps him hold onto Jay in some small way. Even though he and Jay are no longer a couple, Brian still longs for his former partner.

But when Jay reappears in Brian’s life, Brian discovers he isn’t quite ready to forgive and forget. While he still loves Jay, will he ever be able to trust the man again?

Excerpt from Collusion:
Sean Gluski walked into my classroom while I was packing my things to go home after my Thursday evening course.  Being alone with him again made me uneasy.  We hadn’t spoken since our unfortunate encounter in the men’s room the week before spring break.  He’d skipped classes entirely the week after the break and also missed this Monday’s class before finally showing up late (and leaving early) for Wednesday’s.  I looked at him standing by the door dressed, unfortunately, in his usual attire of a dark-colored jacket, plaid shirt, jeans, and Vans.

“What do you want, Sean?” I asked as calmly as I could.

“I just wanted to say again that I’m sorry,” he said, approaching me.  “I really am.”

“Fine,” I said, slinging my messenger bag over my shoulder.  “Apology accepted.”

“You didn’t tell anyone what happened, did you?”

“No, and I won’t as long as it doesn’t happen again.”

A frustrated look crossed his face.  “I feel like I need to explain—” he started.

“You don’t need to explain anything,” I interrupted.  “Let’s just put the incident behind us and finish the semester, okay?”

“But there’s so much I want to say to you.”

“I think you’ve said enough already.”

Sean stepped in front of me as I headed for the door.  “Please don’t be mad at me.”

I sighed.  “I’m not mad.  Look, I’m flattered that you have feelings for me, but I’m your teacher.”

“What if you weren’t?”

“I still wouldn’t have anything to do with you.”

“Why?  Because I’m not tall, blond, and handsome like Jay Tanner?”

Sean’s description of Jay made me laugh.  People loved to describe him based on his looks alone, like he was devoid of any personality.  “He’s a walking Ken doll,” Olivia told me once.  Yes, he was a good looking man, but he was also charming, funny, and loving (most of the time), but rarely was he described in such terms.  It was always Jay, the cute blond guy or Jay, the sexy weatherman.

“It has nothing to do with how you look.”

“Then what is it?”

“Sean, you’re, what, nineteen or twenty?  I’m thirty-six!”

“So what?  I’m not a child, so I wish you’d stop treating me like one.”

“I think it’s time we said goodnight.”

As I moved past him to leave the classroom, he told me, “The semester ends in six weeks.”


“And, when it’s over, I want you to fuck me.”

Just walk out the door and leave, Brian, I silently told myself.  But I couldn’t.  I turned to Sean, thinking maybe I’d misheard him.

“What did you say?” I asked.

“When the semester ends, I want you to fuck me,” he repeated, lowering his voice this time.  “You won’t be my teacher then, so you won’t have to feel weird about it.”

“You’re crazy,” I said before leaving the classroom.

Sean followed me out of the building to my car parked in the lot behind the administration building.

“I meant what I said,” he told me as I unlocked my car door.

“Yeah, and I meant what I said.  You’re crazy.”

He leaned into me and whispered, “If you don’t fuck me, I’ll just lie and tell everyone you did.”

I stepped back.  “Are you threatening me?”

“I just want you to take me seriously.”

I threw my bag onto the passenger seat and got into the car.

“Six weeks, Mr. Daly,” Sean said as I started the engine.

I watched him hold up six fingers as I drove away.  My own hands were shaking as I gripped the steering wheel.  The nightmare scenario I’d envisioned was coming true.  Sean Gluski was threatening to accuse me of sexual harassment.


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