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Cate Ashwood talks about A Fallen Heart on 05-September-2016

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Hello! I’m Cate and I just wanted to thank everyone at Rainbow Book Reviews for hosting me today!

I am thrilled to be here to talk about A Fallen Heart which just came out on August 29th. I am super excited and very proud of this book, partly because I love the characters and partly because EMS workers are so dear to my heart.

A Fallen Heart is the second book in the Zero Hour series. The first book featured Adam and Sam (Dex) and this one is all about Ford, a trauma nurse and Nash, a paramedic. There’s a suspense element to the story, but first and foremost, it is a romance novel. There has, however, already been some speculation about who the killer is and what is going to happen in the next book.

I can’t give away any details about book 3, other than to say that yes, the killer will finally be revealed, and I plan to center book 3 on Caleb, a paramedic from the first two books. Readers haven’t met Caleb’s guy yet, but I’m hoping they’ll love him as much as I do.

I also know there are some people who are hoping a certain grumpy cop gets his own book. My immediate plans are to finish the initial trilogy of books, each one starring a paramedic, but somewhere in the cobwebbed corners of my brain I have plans for a secondary, spinoff trilogy with a new mystery and a new set of leading men. Just as the first trilogy focused on medics, the second will center on law enforcement.









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FORD’S CHEEKS were as pink as the tips of his ears, but the smile he’d permanently worn for the last hour had Nash feeling like more of a hero than he had the last time he’d gotten pulses back during a cardiac arrest. Halfway out of the city, he’d worried taking Ford on a hike was a bad idea, and by the time they were slipping through the gate that marked the beginning of the trail, he’d been sure it was.


But something changed once the city and the noise fell away. The sounds of traffic were replaced by birds and rushing water. It was like a cleanser for the soul. It hadn’t taken long at all for Ford’s sullenness to transform into awe at the beauty of the area.


They crossed Brothers Creek and made their way south toward the Crossover Trail junction. It was downhill and less taxing than the initial climb. He and Ford talked about nothing at all, Nash enjoying his company. He still had trouble believing that three weeks earlier, he hadn’t known Ford existed. He’d developed feelings for him, swiftly and surely.


They passed the junction, and a few minutes beyond was a dense copse of trees, the ground covered in large ferns. Nash grabbed Ford’s hand and tugged him off the trail, navigating between the ferns and up a small hill, far enough into the forest that he could no longer see the trail.


“Are we going to see another giant tree?” Ford asked.


“Nope. We’re going to cash in that rain check,” Nash said.


There was a wicked glint in Ford’s eyes. Nash noticed an overturned tree that had been kept mostly dry by the others. He backed Ford up against it before dropping to his knees. Wet earth soaked through his jeans where he knelt, but he was too focused on getting Ford’s pants open to pay much attention.


“You’re doing it wrong,” Ford said staring down at him, his body already starting to shiver. Nash wasn’t sure if it was from cold or anticipation, but he was about to remedy that either way.




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