About Us

General Information

Rainbow Book Reviews is an all volunteers, non-profit site dedicated to GLBTQ-related books, reviews, and authors who write about topics of interest to the GLBTQ community and its allies.

We have a wide range of activities for you to check and participate in, if you wish. Feedback is always welcome. We publish new releases on a daily basis, have a team of reviewers who try to help you understand what to expect from a book, we publish the occasional author interview, and have author pages with in-depth information. You can also find out about the many great publishers who publish GLBTQ-related books.

We want to make sure the site offers what YOU want to see, so please contact us with any ideas or feedback at info@rainbowbookreviews.com. For individual staff members, please see the overview below.


For Authors:

Any authors who would like an author page, please write to us at info@rainbowbookreviews.com.

For Publishers:

Any publishers who would like to advertise and get their own publisher page, please contact us at info@rainbowbookreviews.com.


Book Review Submission Information

If you would like to submit a GLBTQ-themed book for review, please check the Request Review page, or send an e-mail to requestreview@rainbowbookreviews.com if you have a question. Please do not send books unless we request a copy. This is because we work off a list and cannot guarantee a review for all submissions. We operate on a voluntary basis, and reviewers pick the books they want to read.

Information we need from you if you wish to request a review:

  • Title
  • Author Name
  • Publisher Name (or enter "Self Published")
  • Genre (Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Trans*/Queer or a mix of some or all of the above, Fiction/Non-Fiction/Poetry)
  • Number of pages or word count
  • Buy link
  • Blurb/Synopsis


Review Philosophy

We believe that reader tastes vary widely, and that all books will have fans as well as people who do not like them. Every book contains something worthwhile, and something to like. We do not believe that every book will be liked by everyone. We also think that there are quite a number of review sites out there that are critical to extremely critical, and we do not believe it is our task to add to that list.

What happens if one of our reviewers doesn't like a book?

We will not publish the review; but we will inform the author/publisher who submitted the book. We will then return the book to our team list for another reviewer to pick up. They might like the book better, and if they do, we will publish that review.


Our Team of Reviewers:

A.L. Brooks - Reader and reviewer of lesbian fiction.

Alex - Author/reviewer of gay fiction; lover of books containing beautiful, multicultural, ancient warriors, men in suits, time travelers, paranormals, martial artists, spies & thieves; can also be found here.

Barb Manning

CAS - Reviewer of gay books

Christy Duke - Reader and reviewer of GLBTQ books with a focus on gay stories and menages

Holly Maholm - Transgender author and reviewer of LGBT books with emphasis on Transgender; find her blog at www.hollymaholm.com

Jamie Deacon - Author and reviewer of YA books in the GLBTQ genre

Jessica Chambers - Reviewer of GLBTQ books

jj - Reviewer of GLBTQ books, with a focus on f/f, m/m/f, and m/f/f

Josie Teresi - Author and reviewer of lesbian fiction. Fan of creative stories that portray lesbians as strong, sexy, and intelligent women.

Kym Palmer - addicted to reading lesbian fiction in most genres but especially historical, shape-shifting/fantasy, crime/thrillers, and erotica

Lena Grey - Reviewer of gay books

Nerine Petros - Author and reviewer of gay books

Rachel - Reviewer of lesbian fiction, with a focus on Young Adult books

Ron Fritsch - Author and reviewer of gay books

Sally - Transgender/Genderqueer book reviewer, aspiring author, and webmistress of Bending the Bookshelf

Sandra – Author and reviewer of GLBTQ books who is easygoing as far as what she reviews – she will try anything, but she has a penchant for pirates, Regency dandies, and sensual lesbian heroines.

Serena Yates - Author of gay romantic and erotic fiction, voracious reader, and reviewer of gay and transgender books, can also be found here


The Bookgeek - An avid reader and reviewer of lesbian books. Also runs the virtual living room, a chat group for readers and authors of lesbian fiction here

Trish - Rabidly voracious reader and reviewer of GLBQT books. I'm open to any genre of book that catches my eye.

We are always open for guest reviews, so if you read a book you really liked and want us to consider posting it, please send an e-mail with the book details and your review to bookreviewmanager@rainbowbookreviews.com and we will get back to you.

If you would like to join our team on a more permanent basis, please send an e-mail to  bookreviewmanager@rainbowbookreviews.com. We will ask for a couple of sample reviews to see if you fit our style.